🧠Technical Documentation

At a high level, Metoro uses large scale data processing to understand the characteristics of your system and the behavior of your services. Metoro leverages this analysis to allow generative models to extract relevant information and guide the investigation process.


Metoro heavily leverages structured traces, metrics and logs to understand the behavior of your system. Metoro samples traces when your system is behaving normally and when it is experiencing issues to create two profiles with characteristics that can be compared.

Profile comparison

Metoro compares the profiles created out of the trace analysis to identify the differences between the normal and problematic behavior of your system. These differences are then used to guide the next step of the investigation. Based on the findings, Metoro can look at more traces, metrics or logs to further understand the issue.


Metoro iteratively converges on the root cause of the issue by using the insights from the previous steps to guide the next steps of the investigation. After no more progress can be made, Metoro presents the findings to the user.

We know this is light on the details. We'll be adding more detailed documentation and architecture diagrams soon.

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